Experience LIFE! Come join us for a day in the life of a LIFE DTS student!

Experience LIFE for a day

Experience Class

Experience a class at LIFE DTS! Find out what it is like to be a student in this program. You will have the opportunity to sit in a class taught by the directors and/or staff of LIFE. Be ready to even be impacted yourself from the class time discussions!

Join us in Morning Worship & Prayer

Everyday the students in LIFE come together for an hour of prayer and worship. Prioritizing time spent with God daily, allows us to develop a long lasting and intimate relationship with Him, where we learn to trust Him and depend on Him.

Meet the team!

Meet the directors, staff, interns, and students of the program! Get to know them. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Apply to become a student for a day!

(February to June only)