Name Change

We were formerly known as Master’s Commission Edmonton, however we changed our name to LIFE DTS at the beginning of 2018.


The student tuition of the program is $5300 CAD for both International and Canadian students, however you will also need  $200 CAD / per month, for personal living expenses


Each year the first day of classes is in September and the last day of classes is June.

Monthly Costs

Food and housing costs are covered for the duration of the program. However you will need to be able to provide for your own personal expenses such as toiletries, entertainment, eating out, phone bills, etc.

Students will also be required to pay a monthly carpool expense.

Personal Work

The only available day to work is Monday, which are the students day off. Other days you will not be able to due to a fast paced schedule that we have during the rest of the week (Tues-Sun).


LIFE DTS focuses on relationship with God, character development and life training. While spending a year at LIFE is greatly educational, it is not an accredited Bible school.

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