Take a look into the life of a student and what they will be experiencing during their 10 months! Their daily schedule, responsibilities, and duties are important because it will challenge and discipline them.

A Day in LIFE

Daily Worship and Prayer

Everyday we come together as a team and spend an hour praying and worshiping together. By taking time out of our day to spend with God we are able to get to know Him deeper, come to trust Him with all that we are going through, and ultimately develop an intimate and long lasting relationship with him.

Leader of the Week and Morning Inspiration

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Each week a different student has the opportunity to be “Leader of the week” (LOW). This student is given responsibilities and is able to develop and put into practice the leadership skills that they are learning. One of the main responsibilities of the LOW is to seek God and write a Morning Inspiration each day for that week. Morning Inspirations are your chance to share about something that you are going through, or have learned in class or in your devotional time, as well as speak on anything else that God has been showing you. It is an amazing opportunity to really learn how to press into God and hear his voice in our daily lives. Other responsibilities of LOW involve leading and delegating church cleaning, end of the day clean up, as well as quiet study time. Being the leader of the week really stretches students to learn communication and cooperation skills as well begin to develop the confidence and discipline required to lead a group.

Daily Classes

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Everyday students have the opportunity to have class time with the Directors. This is a wonderful time to gain Godly insight, and wisdom. We study a variety of books and video teachings such as “The Bait of Satan” by John Bevere, “Telling Each Other the Truth” by William Backus and “Improving Your Serve” by Charles R. Swindoll, as well as many others.
Each Student also has the opportunity to teach different chapters to the class, talking about what different aspects stood out to them, what they learned and how they can apply it to their life, as well as ask a question to the class for discussion. This is really beneficial as each student gets to know each other as well as really begin to discover what areas God is trying to stretch and grow them in personally. We also go through a variety of relevant video and audio teachings.

Intern Meetings

Every Student is assigned to an Intern ( a second year student) who serves as an accountability partner for them. Each week students have a meeting in which their intern does things like check their homework and keep them accountable to follow guidelines. However Intern meetings are most beneficial in that they give the student an opportunity to discuss what they are going through, ask questions and get wise counsel. Interns are looking out for the best interests of their students and people really grow the best when they have a dependable leader that they are accountable to and trust to help them through all of the different struggles they may be facing.


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Each day we have the opportunity to fellowship with each other and our church community. It is an incredible feeling to know that you have a whole team that cares about you and is there to support you. Some of the best memories of my year at LIFE are the fun moments and friendships that develop with the people and the church. One of our favourite sayings we have is “Better Together” because when we work as a team we are so much stronger.


Every student that comes to the program gets placed with a house family. A house family is one of the families in our church willing to have a student live with them for the duration of the year. However, you are more than just living at their house, you become part of their family. House parents pray for, discipline, and speak into the lives of their students. Having a house family is one of the major things that impact the life of every student.

Down To Serve

One of the major aspects of our program is the concept of servanthood and what it looks like to serve like Jesus did. Serving helps us build character and really helps us practically live out the example of Christ. We have a variety of incredible opportunities to serve our community and church.

Church Cleaning

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Every week we get the chance to practically serve the church by cleaning the LIFE side of the building. This really helps develop a sense of humility as well as stewardship in the students, as it shows them how to practically help out as well as to take care of what God has given them.

Seniors Outreach and Seniors Connect

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Every week we do Seniors Outreach, where the students have the opportunity to go to the homes of our church’s seniors and spend the afternoon with them. During Seniors Outreach we serve the seniors in any way we can by helping them around their house and/or yard as well as to just sit and chat with them. This really helps bridge the generation gap and allows us to gain wisdom and insight from people who have more life experience. At the end of each month we also host a seniors connect event where all the seniors of the church get together to worship, play games, and build community.

Club Kidz and Youth

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Every Friday evening our church has Fusion youth and Club Kidz community outreach programs. Each student is assigned to one of the two groups and has the opportunity to help out and build relationships with the kids and leaders. This really helps them build leadership as well as basic mentoring skills. They have the opportunity to teach the gospel as well as show kids that they genuinely care about them and their lives. Serving in Youth and Club Kidz really pushes you to love like Jesus loved, even when it is not all fun and games.

Out of Town Outreach

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Each spring we go to a variety of different churches outside of Edmonton and are able to serve them in multiple ways. We do work projects as well as lead the youth and Sunday services. We form a worship team and do a variety of different skits. Students also get the opportunity to share their testimony publically. Outreach is one of the most fun but also most challenging times of the year. Students get to put into practice everything that they have learned so far as well as start pouring back into other people's lives.

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