We are immensely grateful for the support our program receives that makes it possible for young adults to embrace their capacity.

We fundraise to keep tuition cost low and affordable so prospective students are able to attend without expenses being a hindrance.

Fundraising also covers the costs of our spring outreaches where we travel to different churches in the Alberta region to volunteer and promote our program.

Monetary Donation

If you simply just want to give, we currently only accept cash and cheques that can be sent to:

LIFE DTS Edmonton
13470 Fort Road NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5A 1C5

Bottle Drive

We will accept any bottles that you would like to give. You can either drop them off or we can pick them up!

Work Project

Need some labour done? We have experience with yard work, painting, cleaning, and more, that we can help you in exchange for a donation towards our program.
All work projects are reviewed for eligibility.