Meet the Students – Tyrone

Meet Tyrone! the youngest in the class, Tyrone is an adventurous, outgoing, and sensitive guy. He loves to encourage people and has really been pushing himself to do his best this year. We are so proud of him! He is a great addition to our team! Why did you decide to come to LIFE DTS? […]

Meet the Students – Austin

Meet Austin Austin is one of our first year students, you may have seen him before as he hung around with the LIFE DTS team before he joined us this year. Austin is 19 years old, he is incredibly bright, witty, and a natural leader. He is a pleasure to have on our team!   […]

All In

God deserves our full heart and best work. A few weeks ago our team did some work projects. The most notable to me was painting the pastor’s doors in their house. The guys learned how to paint from Pastor Paul and then went right into it. Through the fun but challenging work of prepping, painting, […]

Meet the Students – Patrick

Hey everyone! The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived…..the first edition of our “Meet the Students” blog series! This gives you a better opportunity of knowing each individual student a bit deeper than just seeing their picture on our Facebook page. Each of our students is incredibly unique and brings something different […]

The Secret to Contentment

  Ever wonder if there’s a difference between someone who is content, and someone who is happy? I have, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably watched the lives of some people as they go through different seasons, some good, and some filled with hardships, and wonder: “How do they do it? How do they […]


Hey everyone! We are so excited to be back in the office and starting off a new school year. I am thrilled to introduce to you the class of 2018-2019!   This year we are blessed to have 4 very unique students! Patrick (21), Austin (19), Tyrone (18), and my own student Lorellee (20)! Later […]

Meet the Team – Joel

  Hey everyone! On this weeks edition of meet the team we are introducing one of our very talented staff members……JOEL DESROCHES! Working with Joel is always a lot of fun, he is very organized, kind, and full of wisdom and good advice. He always brings a unique perspective to the team and I always […]

Cold Lake Outreach!

Hi everybody! Sorry for the delay on blog posts but everything should be back to normal now! We had the privilege of going on outreach to Cold Lake! We arrived on Friday and were able to help out with their youth service. We had some great pizza and made new friends! During the service Trisha […]

Time of Growth

This week we have been devoting most of our time to preparing for our upcoming outreach to Cold Lake! We have really been learning how to identify and focus on our strengths this year, which have really caused us to look deeply at all we have planned for outreach and then narrow it down to […]

Meet the Team – Yasid

This week on our series “Meet the Team” we have, Yasid! Yasid is a 2nd year trainee for LIFE – interning with 2 others (Katie & Cody). The opportunity for him to return for a 2nd year is exciting and he is enjoying the cold winters in Canada! Yasid is experiencing the amazing opportunity of […]