Meet Tyrone! the youngest in the class, Tyrone is an adventurous, outgoing, and sensitive guy. He loves to encourage people and has really been pushing himself to do his best this year. We are so proud of him! He is a great addition to our team!

Why did you decide to come to LIFE DTS?

I decided to take LIFE DTS  to get closer to God and build my faith.

What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to come to this program?

One of the obstacles I faced was trying to get through the anger I had from my past and once I let that go I was able to move forward.

What has been your favourite lesson/ discussion/ video teaching so far and why?

“The Power of Same Part 3: This May take Awhile” by Stephen Furtick I like this one because it does take awhile to get from point A to point B.  It’s not instant, This May Take Awhile.

What have you personally been learning so far in the program?

My eyes are starting to be opened to what others are doing and what I’m doing myself and to myself.

What is the most challenging part about LIFE?

Trying to read while struggling with rebellion. Like my soul was saying “haha” and my spirit was like “Why? You know why you don’t want to do it.” and it brought me to tears, but I stopped myself before anyone else saw.

What has been your favourite thing to do in life so far and why? (Ex.Fundraising, work projects, ministries, class time, etc.)

Fundraising because I meet new people and they ask questions. I always like meeting new people.

What are your dreams/passions?

My dreams is to become a counselor for children at a camp that I’ve been going to for the past 7 years now. In the past I’ve taken a program at the camp called C.R.E.W and it’s been great meeting new people and seeing old friends from 3-4 years previous and I hope to see them again this year. The camp is called Brightwood Ranch funded by Hope Mission.

What do you hope to accomplish during your time in LIFE?

To grow in my faith and learn what is needed to help others in the future.

What has been your favourite memory in LIFE so far?

BOYR(Beginning Of the Year Retreat) and going to Chilliwack to join with City Life Launch for Pastor Jim week. Chilliwack was so much fun because we got to meet new people and got to get a little closer to Christ by letting stuff go from our past, putting it behind me and moving forward.

What is it like living with a house family?

It’s great having them, it’s very helpful for getting us out of our comfort zone and if we were to live with our parents or grandparents we would not be able to grow as much.

If you could write a letter to yourself that you would read in 10 months what would it say?

You did it, You have passed one test now keep moving forward, you’ve made it this far, let’s see how far you can go.

What is your favourite hobby/pastime?

I like to read, but reading is not my strong suite, if I could train myself to focus, I would read lots of books and would want to read pretty much anything.

If you could describe your personality in 3 words, which words would you choose?

Funny, kind, outgoing

List 3 interesting facts about yourself:

I like to be start conversations and get to know people. I’m loud once you get to know me. I motivate others.

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