Meet Austin

Austin is one of our first year students, you may have seen him before as he hung around with the LIFE DTS team before he joined us this year. Austin is 19 years old, he is incredibly bright, witty, and a natural leader. He is a pleasure to have on our team!


Why did you decide to come to LIFE DTS?

To grow in my faith and to know as well as love God more, and truly understand his love for us.


What has been your favourite lesson/ discussion/ video teaching so far and why?

The Search for Self worth, it is a amazing teaching that really got me thinking that, I may say I love God and all that, but in reality I put my worth in those around me.


What have you personally been learning so far in the program?

That I am God’s masterpiece, I don’t need to earn his love, I already have it.


What is the most challenging part about LIFE?

Trusting God, it’s not easy because we tend to think we know better, but it’s about saying to yourself “God knows better, and he wants what’s best for me”


What has been your favourite thing to do in LIFE so far and why? 

I like doing work projects, because I like to help people out, and just bless people with a practical job.


What are your dreams/passions?

I want to go into full time ministry, God has given me a heart for everybody, but especially young single mothers, and atheists.


What do you hope to accomplish during your time in LIFE?

The one thing I want is to just love God more, and have my trust be firmed rooted in his love.


What has been your favourite memory in LIFE so far?

Just hanging out and connecting with the other students, we are going to become a family after this, the connections we are building will be life long.


What is it like living with a house family?

It is good, I have know them for a long time, and my parents and her are good friends, it is just different living with siblings, and learning to be independent.  But it is fun!


If you could write a letter to yourself that you would read in 10 months what would it say?

Make your choices wisely, ask God to help, because he has infinite wisdom.


What is your favourite hobby/pastime?

I like to research history and geography and watch those kinds of videos on YouTube, as well as follow politics.


If you could describe your personality in 3 words, which words would you choose and why?

Humorous, caring, energetic.


List 3 interesting facts about yourself:

  1. I have played on baseball teams for most of my life
  2. I work at McDonalds
  3. My favourite social media platform is reddit
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