Meet the Students – Patrick

Meet the Students – Patrick

Hey everyone! The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived…..the first edition of our “Meet the Students” blog series! This gives you a better opportunity of knowing each individual student a bit deeper than just seeing their picture on our Facebook page. Each of our students is incredibly unique and brings something different to our team.

This week I am thrilled to introduce Patrick to you!

Patrick has come to Canada all the way from the Philippines and is transitioning to life here. Patrick has a sense of humour like no other, I believe that he is capable of making anyone laugh. Underneath that however he is also a very thoughtful and passionate person and we are excited to see where God will bring him this year.



You have submitted some cool questions for us to ask Patrick and here is what he said:


Why did you decide to come to LIFE DTS?

To know God deeper and become a better person under God’s gospel.


What obstacles did you have to overcome in order to come to this program?

 First is my flight payment because I come to LIFE without going to Canada.


What has been your favourite lesson/ discussion/ video teaching so far and why?


Satan don’t hurt me , Don’t hurt me, No more ( Haddaway – What is Love)


What have you personally been learning so far in the program?

 That God loves me for who I am.


What is the most challenging part about LIFE?

Memorizing bible verses.  


What has been your favourite thing to do in life so far and why? (Ex.Fundraising, work projects, ministries, clas time, etc.)

My favourite thing to do is to go on outreaches because I love to see people happy because of what we do.


What are your dreams/passions?

To become a better person and to become a Game / App developer.


What do you hope to accomplish during your time in LIFE?

To reveal the true me within my body.


What has been your favourite memory in LIFE so far?

Being with my classmates and interns having fun.


If you could write a letter to yourself that you would read in 10 months what would it say?

Thank you for being a better person for me and showing my real colours to everybody.


What is your favourite hobby/pastime?

Reading Manga, playing games, watching Anime/Tv-series/Movies.


If you could describe your personality in 3 words, which words would you choose and why?

 Funny, Fluffy, Flammable.


How have you been adjusting to Canada?

Great! It became easier because of my friends and family who welcomed me and helped me to adjust.


What is the secret to your humour?

Honestly? I really don’t know how to answer this question. The thing is, I just say what’s on my mind at that particular time/event and people around me just start laughing.


List 3 interesting facts about yourself:

I do Karate and taekwondo.

I like Volleyball more than Basketball.



Thank you for reading this series of our Meet the Students blog! I hope that you got to know Patrick a bit better through reading this. I encourage you to continue to send in any questions you have for the students! They just might be featured in our next edition of this blog!

Hope you all have a fantastic week.


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