Meet the Team – Joel

Meet the Team – Joel


Hey everyone! On this weeks edition of meet the team we are introducing one of our very talented staff members……JOEL DESROCHES!

Working with Joel is always a lot of fun, he is very organized, kind, and full of wisdom and good advice. He always brings a unique perspective to the team and I always benefit from hearing what he has to say.  Although he may appear all business at first, after getting to know him you see he has a very silly side to him. He always has a fun story to share and is great at doing impressions!


With that, here’s Joel!


What is your role in LIFE DTS?

I help a lot with the parts of outreach that have to do with services, mainly public speaking and acting. I also manage carpool, do some income tracking for fundraising, help with international students, and oversee the video announcements that we do for FRVC.


Why did you come to LIFE DTS?

I came to LIFE DTS to strengthen my character before going into full time church ministry. I really wanted to make sure my weaknesses and struggles were in check before taking on the pressures of working in the church and having many eyes watching me.


One thing you think that has changed about you since starting the program? Explain.

I used to use knowledge and teaching points a lot, to the point where I was known for giving head knowledge but never revealing how some of that knowledge applied to my own life. I was hesitant to be vulnerable and talk about my feelings and hurts. This was because I thought showing weakness and emotions would lead to me being rejected. Now I’m more confident in being transparent and just getting real about my feelings and insecurities because I know I have acceptance in Christ and bringing some of the messy stuff out in the open actually helps a lot to deal with it.


What is your favourite thing that you have done in LIFE DTS so far?

Our missions trip to Mexico in my student year. We had the opportunity to serve and minister in so many different ways and we got to eat some AMAZING TACOS!


Out of the books you have read in LIFE DTS, which book is your favourite and why?

The Discipline of Grace. It makes sense of the process of maturing in our relationship with Christ and how to live from a proper perspective each day. I like how it breaks down heavy spiritual topics and pretty much shows you to win in your faith whether you have a great day or a disastrous day.


What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about music, great breakfast places, coffee shops, and dessert spots. I’m also passionate about reaching our generation here in North America; introducing Jesus to them so that they can be free.


How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time in coffee shops, with good books, and on Netflix.


If could have 3 wishes right now what would they be?

A Subaru Impreza WRX hatchback, a limitless gift card to David’s Tea, to spend more time with family.


Thanks for reading this weeks edition of Meet the Team! Hope you all have a fantastic week!


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