Meet the Team – Yasid

Meet the Team – Yasid

This week on our series “Meet the Team” we have, Yasid!

Yasid is a 2nd year trainee for LIFE – interning with 2 others (Katie & Cody). The opportunity for him to return for a 2nd year is exciting and he is enjoying the cold winters in Canada! Yasid is experiencing the amazing opportunity of leaving his hometown in Ensenada , Mexico to attend LIFE DTS. He is learning so much to take back to his country – what a blessing! There is not a dull moment with Yasid, he is very silly and easy going. Yasid is detailed and puts his best effort in all that he does. He is also humble and looks for opportunities to bless others. He is an awesome friend to the team and we are so excited for his future. We will definitely miss him when he has to go back to Mexico.

So with that, here is Yasid!


Why did you come to LIFE DTS?

The first time I heard about the program I was in my church in Ensenada , Mexico, working with some missionaries. One of them told me about it a little but I didn’t have a clue of what it was exactly about. The only thing I knew was that it was a Christian discipleship program and I thought “well, everybody needs discipleship”. So I prayed about it and I said “God, let it be your will”. Nothing happened.

Two years later, the directors of the program, pastors Paul and Shelly came to my church to do some discipleship training. At the end of the last night they were there, Pastor Paul asked me if I was interested in going to the program. I said “Yeah, but it is money what I don’t have”. To shorten the story, God was faithful and provided everything that I needed to come here. I am very grateful for what they did and I know God was behind all this. He knows when it’s the right time for every thing.


One thing you think that has changed about you since starting the program?


I think I learned where my worth comes from, better communication skills, and how to deal with anger. When I was in Mexico I used to think that working for God was the way to gain His approval. I was wrong. God loves me because He sees His son Jesus Christ in me, not because I do a bunch of stuff, not because I play on the worship team or I teach the youth or because I am a good servant. The real value that I have is because of His grace and mercy over my life.  I am excited to share this with my friends and family in Ensenada.


What is your favourite thing that you have done in LIFE DTS so far?

Well, I have this one moment that maybe has nothing to do with LIFE DTS but I remember we were in McLennan doing an outreach. I met extraordinary people there. But anyways, this youth pastor invited us, (around 14 people) for a hike in something like a big valley or woods, it was a beautiful view. I can still remember it fresh in my mind. We came to this big hill, and everything was green. It just looked spectacular. So when we looked down the hill, around 100 meters below us  there was this mama bear walking with its three little ones. That was a unique moment.


Out of the books you have read in LIFE DTS, which book is your favourite and why?

“Your God is too Safe” by Mark Buchanan

That book challenges your understanding of how we see God in real life. The title “Your God is too safe” is based on the perceived thinking we have of God . We think we can shape God by making Him into who we think He is instead of looking into His word and studying who He really is.  The basis of this book is that God is not safe. He does not allow us to live within out comfort zones, but instead calls us farther. Our God is not safe, but He is good.

The author gives an illustration of two countries in Africa and in the middle of them there is the borderlands. A place where it is not the next country nor the one behind. It is no man’s land, where nothing really happens. Anyways, it talks about how Christians decide to live in border lands, where there is no struggle, there is no challenge, no nothing, just a life of going to church, listening to the sermon and going home, for years. It challenged me because I used to be comfortable at the place where I was at in my walk with Christ, but I realized that what I was living is absolutely nothing in comparison to what God has for me. But I need to go and walk out of the borderlands. God convicted me in many areas of my life and I thank Him for that. Out of the comfort zone is where I started to grow.


What are you passionate about?

I love watching movies with friends, hanging out, traveling. I love to have games nights with my buddies. I love different languages, I wish I could speak them all so that  I could talk to anybody in the world. I love listening to music, playing drums, and I am always excited to go on nature hikes! I am a big  fan of technology and computers. I enjoy spending time with my family, and having quality time with them. I love to worship God, and sometimes I just love the silence and being quiet in my room.


How do you spend your free time?

Working out, playing video games, hanging out with friends, watching movies, learning about technology, learning Kung fu, reading, watching videos on YouTube occasionally, and chatting with  family.


If you had to live in a video game for a day which one would it be and why?

Wow! Interesting question!

I have a lot of games that I wish I could see what it is like to be in but I will say just a few:

Skyrim: I always wanted to experience the middle ages; Knights, swords, army battles, kings, and this game has magical creatures like dragons. I love dragons, I want to tame one ahaha!

Halo: I would love to be in the shoes of Master Chief and experience the highly advanced technology they have and be part of the Spartan project. I would like to know Cortana and interact with her.

Sword Art Online: this is without a doubt my favorite one, despite that it is an anime show about a video game  and not actually a video game, however it contains almost all the things that I like about an RPG, such as different kinds of swords, an open world, mythical beasts, cool bosses, you can do almost everything in that game. It captures my attention and I would like to try to reach the floor 100 and see Hethcliff. Anyways, I love the scenarios and the creatures. That’s my perfect fantasy world where I could live in.

I just would love to experience all of it for myself instead of having to do it with a controller.


That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed his answers. See you in our next edition of Meet the Team!

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