Cold Lake Outreach!

Cold Lake Outreach!

Hi everybody!

Sorry for the delay on blog posts but everything should be back to normal now!

We had the privilege of going on outreach to Cold Lake!

We arrived on Friday and were able to help out with their youth service. We had some great pizza and made new friends! During the service Trisha and I did our baggage skit for the first time, Trisha gave her testimony, and Quinn spoke a message on identity.

Afterwards we had discussion time with the youth. I can’t speak for the guys but I heard they had a great time. The girls discussion was amazing as well. Everyone really opened up and shared what was in their heart, as well as the different struggles that they have been currently facing. Even though I was helping lead the discussion I learned a lot from it. These girls shared how they had been facing many of the same issues that I have been facing. Such as insecurity, comparison, and always feeling like you are somehow not good enough. However we all came to the conclusion that we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. Everyone deals with insecurity, or some other issue. Even the person that we are trying so hard to be like can wish that they were like someone else, they battle with insecurities and other struggles in there life just like we do. You never know what someone is going through. It is so important that we remember who we are in Christ. He is the one who tells us our true identity.

A lot of the time we can allow our circumstances, our feelings, our friends, our culture, to tell us who we are or who we need to be; what we need to change in order for us to meet the standard. However, like I mentioned in my last blog post “Time of Growth”; God did not create us to be like other people, He created us to be ourselves. He made us unique.  We are defined by what God says about us. Not what the world says, or how we feel about ourselves. We are loved and valued. We do not need other’s approval because He has already approved of us. During the discussion the girls came to this conclusion, as well as that we need to learn to appreciate who we are, and learn to love ourselves because God loves us. We can then love the people around us, so that they can experience how much God loves them through the love that we show them. We need to be there for each other. And like 1 John 4:19 says

“We love because he first loved us.”


On Saturday we helped prepare for a big life sized Clue event they were holding at the church! We decorated the whole church to look like a medieval castle. We dressed up as different characters in the castle, I was the castle librarian, Joelyn was the cook, Trisha was the guard, Cody was the prisoner,  Yasid was the soldier in charge of the armory, Quinn was the king’s assistant, and Joel was king David. All of us had our own rooms, and the kids had to complete a task in each room in order to get a clue to solve the mystery of who stole king David’s crown.

It was so much fun getting to act as our characters and help the kids complete the tasks! In the end King David got back his crown!



Sunday, Joel spoke about LIFE DTS to the congregation,  while Quinn, Yasid, & I volunteered in children’s ministry. Where Quinn shared his testimony of how God healed him as well as healed his heart. As we go through life we tend to collect hurts, and allow ourselves to carry them for most of our lives thinking that no one will be able to understand what we are feeling or have gone through, but God sees our pain, He understands us, and He knows our hearts, and He is able to bring healing to us. It was amazing to see how well these kids understood this concept and how receptive they were to Quinn’s message. Afterwards we had the opportunity to pray with the kids, and then help lead the different stations and spend time playing with the kids.



After service we said our goodbyes to our wonderful host families and new friends, went for lunch, and then headed back home to Edmonton just in time to make it for young adults!



Every outreach we go on is another opportunity for us to learn and grow! Cold Lake really placed an emphasis on children and youth, and I was really reminded of the value of teaching the good news and who God is to others, because these kids are the next generation, they are precious to God. There is  so much we can learn from children.

Jesus says in Matthew 18:3

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”


Children have an innocence in them, they are not weighed down by sin and insecurities. They have incredible faith.

They are also humbly relying on their parents for everything. Much in the same way we need to rely on God for everything. Children have an incredible way of expressing there freedom and making life fun, and exciting. If you know me I am a big fan of fun and games.  I think it really is important not to take things to seriously all the time, because if we rely on God as much as we need to be, we have nothing to worry about. God don’t create us to be slaves to fear. He gave us a life to live on purpose, for a purpose; He will be with us every step of the way, & with God everything is possible.

“This is my command – be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

Hope you all have a great week! Some of our team (Quinn, Cody, Yasid, Joelyn & I) have been on a missions trip with some of our Club Kidz and Fusion team to the inner city of New York to work with Metro Ministries! We were so excited for this opportunity! Thank you for all your prayers and continued support!

See you in a week!



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